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"I’m pretty sure that I’ve seen you in at least a dozen magazines not too long ago."


Teaser from Marvel

Armor Wars

Summer 2015

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Stephen scoffed, merely disappearing. Seconds later,
the sound of a shower running could be heard from the

Tony smiled triumphantly as Strange disappeared; he received his confirmation that he teleported inside the bathroom just moments later, taking off his shirt and stepping inside. “You were right, it is smaller than I anticipated.”

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❝Stark. S’rprising seeing you again.

"Captain Namor. You’ll be pleased to know that we’re not meeting under life or death circumstances this time around."



"When I said no tech allowed I meant it,
not even tracking. You have to learn to trust
your instincts, what’ll happen if you’re
stranded like this?” 

"Well, I did trust my instincts and your survival lessons when I was trapped on that island a few years ago, I just hoped that I wouldn’t end up in a similar situation ever again…"

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"I just don’t like those, ‘Will he?’ or ‘Won’t he?’ rumors floating around." Matt perks up at that. "You’ll need legal representation if you’re expanding on the West Coast, do you have anyone in mind?"

"I suppose, being associated with the Avengers does have a weird ring to it these days", he admitted. "I was going to ask Jen, but if you’re offering, I might consider you for a potential role."

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Track: Fallen Leaves
Artist: Billy Talent
Album: Billy Talent II
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Anonymous inquired:
-leaves a box of frosted donuts at your office-

Tony looked around looking for the mysterious sender of the package. There was nowhere there nor he could find a card on the box. Opening it, his eyes lit up once he saw the donuts and took a huge bite out of the first one.


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